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Motivating Employees @ startups

January 12, 2012

Whats in it for me? Why should I risk my career and join a startup where one has to work way too hard with high risks obviously the returns are also great. But at the end of the day not all startups are like Google or Facebook (I am assuming that their numbers would be good). So is money the only motivating factor for people to join startups – how much money can a startup offer to its employees. I am fortunate that I have a bunch of dedicated team members out there trying to make a point – that a niche market player like DesiSauda can sustain and thrive. I constantly debate about ways and means of motivating this bunch and it is a tough task – should I have to constantly give them pep talks, should I tell what all great things are in the pipeline and how we can as a team can make a difference. As a CEO I am responsible for the company and as a Founder I have to instill the enthusiasm that will carry the team forward with a single goal of making it a successful venture. What I feel is that at the end of the day if I reflect and calibrate as to what steps I have taken and what methods I have followed to make this happen, I should not have any regrets of not trying any means and measure within best possible limitations. On this topic I think I came across an article which talks about the founder having to have abundant enthusiasm, unlimited energy and extreme passion to make it happen and that is what startups is all about. So the question is how should I show to the team that I care without micro managing and at the same time making sure that results are delivered?

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