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2011 A good start & 2012 A promising year

January 1, 2012

Around Dec frame of 2010 I was exposed to Groupon (when Google made an offer) and I followed the company for couple of weeks. At that point I remembered seeing deals for fencing, spa etc with little to no use to me as a Desi. That is when my entrepreneurial juices started flowing and I researched further on this topic – I came across Jewpon and plumdistrict, sites that were catering to a population with specific needs. I thought why not a site that targets South Asians and started to create a business plan and crunching numbers and so DesiSauda was born on Jan 22nd, 2011. I registered the domain and came up with the punch line and started to think about development, when I came across multiple COTS packages. After multiple conversations with different companies I zoned in on one product and had to struggle to get them work with me, hire an outsourcing company to customize the product and build a team. We have come a long way since Jan 22nd, 2011 with operations in three cities, 9 member team and raising funds from friends and family. We have seen great traction in terms of end customers trusting us and buying from us, vendors who can work with us to promote their offerings and partners with whom we can build this brand.

2011 on a whole was an interesting start and 2012 is the year where we need to make the most of it using the platform we have built so far. We have some exciting things in the pipeline – new products and promising partnerships. This is the year we just have to focus and get the work done. Need to make few resolutions in terms of flawless execution, growing customers and building a great team. 2012 here we come…

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