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Google – badshah of online advertising

December 7, 2011

I logged into my AdWords account after couple of weeks to update my billing information and I saw that there is an alert from Google – there are 438 words that are suitable for my company’s advertising which will help me reach more of my target audience and hence spend more with Google. This statement juxtaposed with the report from ZenithOptiMedia that reported that Google controls 44% of online advertising gave me very good insights into how Google is able to control 44% of the online market –

To start with Google has an awesome product – that is their search algorithm and that is what is feeding into Google becoming a juggernaut. There are billions of searches per day on Google and Google is able to harness and keep track of who is searching what (kind of very scary). Google now takes this data and slices and dices the data to analyze and come up with suggestions like the one that I got when I logged into my account. Now as any business manager who wants to expand business wants to refine his or her approach in targeting and reaching out customer base. These two steps – more people searching or googling on google supplies more fodder to google which then takes this data to help customers to refine their search criteria.

A very nice model that Google has and no wonder Nasdaq loves Goog.

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