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SV – A Mecca for entrepreneurs

November 22, 2011

DesiSauda has started its operations in Bay Area in the last week of Oct and as part of its expansion I went to Bay Area in the first week of Nov. I was in San Jose for two weeks with rather a big agenda – market development, partner expansion and fund raising opportunities. In my previous life I visited SV innumerable times and was always amazed by the place, the tempo and liveliness that I had experienced. This time also it was no exception except for the fact that I went there as an entrepreneur and to me this is the mecca for entrepreneurs. The ecosystem in SV is very conducive for entrepreneurs – including the great many resources like Plug and Play centers, schools like Stanford and Haas and obviously tech giants like google and apple.

I attended an event – a networking event for Indian professionals and I came across a team which offered their help in building an windows app for DesiSauda. Again this arrangement is pro-bono and this team is looking for some kind of real time experience and want to dabble with startups. Now this kind of drive and risk taking is not seen in any other place. Another aspect which struck me was the tech centers like plug and play where startups like ours can rent out an office space to bunker in and start working immediately. The beauty of this model is not the space but again the ecosystem around it – they have monthly or regular meetings with VCs, business plan pitching competitions and also one can see other entrepreneurs burning midnight oil. All these are a great factor that keeps an entrepreneur going and hence one can see so many startups coming up in SV and growing into a multi billion dollar giants.

On the flip side are the costs – the cost of a simple meal is almost 50% expensive when I compare it with my Dallas rates. Also the housing is a major factor that thins a wallet pretty soon. But one can always find paying guest options and other cheaper options (actually we used one for our team member) that will help you ease the pains. As for the food there is always the staple food of entrepreneurs – ramen noodles that will keep you afloat.

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