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Steve Jobs – A man with a Midas Touch

October 8, 2011

The world has lost a visionary…

Jobs no more…

These were the headings on various articles and when I googled Steve I got 1.54B hits within 0 seconds. Over the past two days all the media – print, online, radio, TV and every other conceivable media is just talking about Steve. This shows the kind of impact Steve had on the society or just that there is a media hysteria and a mob mentality that affected everyone (which I doubt). I recently posted on my blog about some famous quotes from Steve and now I am penning this obituary for him – I personally feel that Steve is a great inspiration for entrepreneurs like me as he struggled many number of times but he was able to come back because he had the conviction. So rather than writing how great a manager, an inventor and a person he is I would rather analyze the impact Steve had on society as a whole and what better way than looking at some hard facts.

20381 – number of days Steve lived

5000000 ~ 6000000 – apple 2 (first personal computers) that were sold by Apple

5000000 – Steve paid for Pixar

350000000 – Gross revenues world wide from Toy Story that revive Pixar and in a way Steve Jobs

12 – number of feature films by Pixar

630000000 – gross revenue for all the twelve movies from Pixar

740000000 – Pixar acquired by Disney in all stock deal

429000000 – $ paid by Apple to acquire NEXT, Steve was not paid any $$

1500000 – number of apple shares given to Steve Jobs

275000000 – number of ipods sold (till Sep 2010)

100000000 – number of iPhones sold (Mar 2, 2011)

28730000 – number of iPads sold (June 25, 2011)

Net worth – 8300000000

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