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Facebook vs Google – Part 2

September 26, 2011

In one of my previous posts (Google vs Facebook) I talked about how I was bowled by Facebook and this article is further to that…what I have learnt in the past two weeks and how effective or ineffective Facebook is when trying to attract new customers for my business

To start with Facebook has two types of ads

1) Sponsored ads – that talk about a story or page etc that uses viewers connections using word of mouth (features a page’s fans and is shown to friends)

2) Facebook Ads – these are like normal regular ads and to include any user word of mouth feature one has to include the dynamic content based on the users interaction for a particular post. For example in my page whenever there is a post and if anyone likes a post I can create an ad around that post suggesting that particular post was liked by so and so person

Based on the two weeks of the study what I have seen the sponsored ads are more effective. Again this is based on the simple premise that if my friend likes a page then in all likelihood his/her friend would also like that particular page. For DesiSauda we have seen our likes increased tremendously and the dashboard provided by Facebook is very personalized. With Facebook I can select whom to target at a personal level – based on what they like, who their friends are and what groups they belong to.With this kind of a customized target audience I can see what my market is, how often my ad is being displayed and how many people actually clicked on the ad and finally how many people liked me. Below is a snapshot of FB dashboard

What I have seen is that the sponsored ads are much more effective – again from a simple logic. I like what my friends like and that is what we at DesiSauda have seen. We have seen our likes increased tremendously but as far as the other type of ads are concerned I haven’t seen much traction. These ads are around DesiSauda offering a deal from a particular vendor (very popular) but still it was not very effective. In my analysis one of the reasons could be that FB’ers are more interested in knowing what other friends are doing, want to update their status etc and not actually interested in offerings from some random companies. As a true corollary to this statement is this snapshot which is showed to me every time I log into DesiSauda Facebook Page  – it displays so many fans of my company like so and so page.

Facebook woos me with what my company's fans follow

Now for the Google AdWords, what I have observed is that I can select the network through which i want to deliver the ad to. Given that i know what sites my customers visit i can customize the delivery part – again this is for the display ads. For the search ads i would like to compare them to the sponsored ads – this is what people are looking for and hence a much better chance of a company’s ad getting clicked. Again the rationale behind this is that one has to know what kind of keywords one has to use and how to use – Google helps with this based on the kind of ads that I run. But this is in no way compared with Facebook given that on FB users themselves say what they like and what they do not. But one of the disadvantage with BF is that your customers will like your page and might get stuck at that itself. Would there be a chance that people who like your page can be converted into real customers. I will keep you posted about this but till then it is a rat race to get more likes and till that FB will keep minting money

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