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The roller coaster ride

July 13, 2011

Last weekend I was at an event organized by local Telugu chapter – TANTEX for their silver jubilee function. The event started with a banquet on Friday evening and closed next day with cultural event. DesiSauda along with Yatra were there at the event – we both participated at the event. Given that we were expecting around 1750 people over two days I was there for the entire event – I camped at the event starting at 4 PM on Friday evening till 11 PM, next started at 8:30 AM all the way to 10:00 PM. During these two days we had stand around our booth, talk to people and show enthusiasm all the time – it required a lot of physical strength and endurance. After such a long days we had to come back and work on different issues that were pending. What I had realized that during early stages one has to have super human strengths – work long hours, endure short sleep periods and always show that you are energetic with a can do attitude – all these are tell tale signs of you being passionate about your idea/company.

The second aspect of endurance is the mental piece of it – to me this is the most important aspect than anything else. Given that DesiSauda is in the marketing domain – we sell deals and coupons, we have to go and talk to many small businesses, explaining to them what our concept is, why they should partner with us and what they will get. All these things need a lot of physical energy as explained above but at the same time when you see things are not going in the right direction – your mental ability to face rejection and move on to the next customer with the same can do attitude makes a difference. Again the mental piece of things come into play during execution phase – where things are always not that hunky dory as you have projected in the business plan. Again we as human beings have a tolerance level and with a right kind of a team this tolerance level can be increased tremendously.

No wonder for any startup the most important aspect is the “TEAM” – which either makes or breaks the idea. I will write about this in another posting – how we formed a team and what to look for in a team.

Enjoy reading!!!

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