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AdWords 102 – Display Ads

July 8, 2011

This is in continuation of my earlier post about AdWords. This is all about display ads and that too you can manage through your AdWords account from Google. Google provides FREE consultation services for new accounts up to 6 weeks right after an account is activated and using this service I had a long chat with one of the service reps who walked me through the art of creating a display ad. The process is pretty simple and intuitive – you can either create an ad using Google’s “Display Ad Builder” or you can create it by your selves. If you are using Display Ad Builder there are some set templates one can use but beware not all of them will allow you to upload your own image and for those where one can upload an image, the size is restricted to 50KB. When I tried to do the display ad I was getting some errors and the customer rep said that Google is trying to fix some issues.

So I tried to create an ad from scratch using my own image which was pretty simple. Then I had to select key words which are used to target which networks to display your ads – the networks that your ad would be displayed is shown in the network tab. Also one can select which networks to display the ad – one can type the URL and push the ad to that URL.

After setting the ad and the ad networks as part of the whole process one has to select budget as well limits. The budget is per click and this is more of a random set – when I asked Google rep if they have any historical figures that they can provide so that I can set the budget accordingly. Their response was that they do not have any figures and this is more of a trial and error process. I will have to do some more research on this topic.

So now my ad is ready with required keywords and selected network where I want to display apart from the default network that Google chooses to display. I just have to wait for the review to be done and lo behold my ad is displayed to everyone across the globe – I mean I can select the geographic location too. So anyone visiting certain sites from a particular city will see my ad. Isn’t it exciting.

Some articles that talks about the display ad creation, some best practices etc.

-AdWords image ads are graphical ads which appear on select Display Network sites. You can upload your own image to use in the ad.
-Please see the below resources for detailed information about creating image ads.

“How do I create an image ad?”

“Image Ad Best Practices”

“Ad format technical guidelines”

-The display ad builder offers a convenient way to quickly and easily create display ads in standard web content formats using pre-made templates.
-It’s a good idea to create ads in different sizes because websites may allow only certain size ads to be advertised, and you want to make sure that you have that size.  The display ad builder allows you to do this quickly.

“Display Ad Builder Best Practices”

“Display Ad Builder – Image Sizing Guide”

-Within the Display Network, you can add specific websites (managed placements) that may be relevant to your business by either entering them individually or as a themed category from the Placement Tool (go to the Networks tab, click on Show Details next to Managed Placements, then click on Add Placements).  You can also find the placement tool by going to the Reporting & Tools tab in the green bar at the top of the page.

“How do I use the placement tool?”

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