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The elusive customer

June 25, 2011

During early stages of this venture I had a firm belief that customers would come in droves once I open my shutters – this belief stemmed from the general opinion that we, South Asians, have a panache for saving and obviously my true belief that this is a great business model targeted at a very niche segment. After a month of operations I still hold the later statement true and to a certain extent the first statement.

So what changed over the past 30 days – instead of a great deluge of customers waiting in line to get registered I have seen bursts of customers coming through the door. People get excited when they hear about us, the concept and what are the different offers we have, but getting their attention has become a challenge. Today’s customer is being pulled in different directions – right from the channel of information, to the mode of information delivery. For example the number of channels have exploded – social media (now this is the trend), TV, video games etc and so is the slice of the ability of these channels to hold customers’ attention. Given this backdrop we at DesiSauda have adopted different strategies – right from hi-tech (social media) to putting posters in grocery places to handing out fliers during events and door to door advertising.

Now we have to measure which particular strategy is effective – again keep in mind a particular strategy would work at a particular time. At this point we are trying to get to the customer using different techniques and are evaluating which ones work and for what reason. I will post my results once I have more clarity on this issue

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