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Battle with the lawyers

June 18, 2011

My day started as usual with a dose of emails from India team, checking site statistics and trying to figure out any hair on fire situations that need my immediate attention. With the morning activities done I got on to a call with my partner to discuss the to-do list, which btw keeps growing like world’s population by the second. One of the important things I was supposed to accomplish was to get EV certificate verification completed – EV (Extended Validation) stands for the highest order of web security possible for eCommerce transactions.

WIth this task in mind I called in the verification specialist and being a startup, with no mention in Hoovers or D&B, our company needed someone to vouch for us. As per the CAB forum guidelines,, our company needed a letter from our legal representative stating the name of the company, address and that we have a valid bank account. For any normal person this seems to be a straight forward issue but lawyers being lawyers want to complicate things (or else how can they justify charging $450 per hour bill rate) – my lawyer started questioning the rationale for such a request. We went on debating for more than hour – with him, his colleague and multiple conference calls with the verification specialist trying to convince that this it is a simple letter. Still the battle is raging and have to see which way we go, but knowing the lawyers I better find an alternative for this logjam.

Added to the insult to the injury issue, today I got a bill for $1400 from another lawyer – this is because I picked up the phone and spoke with him for an hour here and another 30 min there. I have fight this battle tomorrow.

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